Product Features

  • Daily gas station price monitoring on over 140,000 stations in U.S.
  • Available in English or Spanish.
  • Searchable by zip code or city name.
  • Shows top 10 highest and lowest prices in every location.
  • Built in mapping feature showing location of every station listed.
  • Interactive map of U.S. showing current high and low for each state when moused over.
  • Site visitors can set up customized alerts to notify them of desired gas price changes in their selected location.
  • Current crude oil price with percentage change.
  • U.S. average gas price.
  • U.S. lowest gas price with location.
  • U.S. highest gas price with location.
  • Historical fuel price information by state.
  • Gas saving tips for consumers.
  • MPG analysis for 20,000+ vehicles from 1985 to today.
  • Personal annual fuel cost estimate for people based on their driving habits and current vehicle.
  • Tell a friend feature.
  • XML feeds available.

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